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January 28-30, 2019 | Dallas, TX

About Event

In January 2018, over 400 construction professionals gathered in Dallas for the Advancing Prefabrication conference. Over three days they explored how project stakeholders can better collaborate in design, improve fabrication efficiency and streamline logistics and job site operations.

It was clear that the event had only just begun getting under the skin of current innovations being made in off-site construction, and that many more challenges remain around tracking projects, estimating the cost savings, finding suitable project partners and more. New challenges are also emerging as modular solutions are on the rise, and so the question remains – how can teams better partner with these new manufacturers and maximize productivity for their clients?

Therefore, this January, Advancing Prefabrication 2019 will continue discussions from 2018, offering a greater choice of sessions catered to the challenges of different organization types, and introducing a new track dedicated to developing modular techniques.

Many of your competitors are already delivering in the race to perform off-site work, or are at least exploring the idea – don’t get left behind, join them!