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Driving Collaboration & Efficiency from Design to the Job Site

Prefabrication is now critical to meet condensed project schedules. The next step is to coordinate the team to enable multi-trade prefab. Early case studies of MEP racks and modular assemblies have been successful, but much more time and cost can be saved by driving efficiencies further.

At Multi-Trade Prefabrication 2017, you will learn how a more collaborative approach can ensure manufacturing and constructability are better factored into the design and planning stage of the project. Discover which tools and innovations can drive productivity in the manufacturing stage and how to train field staff to transport and install prefabricated assemblies safely and efficiently.

Those with no past experience will gain the insights they need to confidently perform multi-trade prefab on their next project. Industry leaders will be able to benchmark their strategy and pick up the most advanced tips and ideas to inspire their next bright idea.

Don’t get left behind. When your next client wants to squeeze the schedule beyond the limitations of traditional construction, ensure you answer is ‘multi-trade prefabrication’.

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"This was easily one of the best conferences I have ever been to. Conferences I have attended in the past have been more sales pitches than learning opportunities, but every speaker here came with fresh ideas and was insightful and educational. There was more talk on HOW attendees could achieve possibilities instead of just what possibilities were out there."
Joeris General Contractors

"The meeting went very well and the presenters did an excellent job presenting their case studies."
Spawglass Contractors