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January 28-31, 2019 | Dallas, TX

Day One
Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Day Two
Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Understanding of the Benefits of Offsite Work

Keynote: Changing the Way We Build: A Singapore Journey


  • Outlining the process of changing the way we design and construct buildings through the Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) approach
  • Highlighting government initiatives, achievements, challenges and considerations in adopting DfMA technologies in Singapore
  • Exploring how various DfMA technologies have been employed successfully across a wide range of applications, including offices, airports, universities, hotels and stadiums

Nailing the Dollar Cost of Offsite Work: How Can You Track & Prove the True Cost Savings of Prefabrication?


  • Reviewing different productivity factors enhanced by prefabrication and the metrics that project teams can track to demonstrate indirect cost benefits
  • Exploring tools and systems that can accurately and efficiently collect and analyze data across projects
  • Taking the holistic view: How can these metrics be aggregated and compared to show the entire cost benefit on a project and better reflect fabrication productivity?

Optimizing the Planning Process for Prefabrication: How Does this Compare to Preparing for Industrialized Construction?


  • Outlining the stages of an efficient kick-off meeting and ensuring everyone is on the same page from day one: What can be done to maintain these efforts throughout construction?
  • Analyzing how logistics can be considered up-front to ensure efficiency of install and minimize mistakes during assembly: What needs to be planned for and when to better streamline operations?
  • Examining the differences in planning and sequencing prefabrication efforts to modularization, and what additional considerations must be factored in to incorporate industrialized components

Morning Refreshments

Taking Assemblies from Shop to Field

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11.10 Revising Traditional Approaches to Assembly to Ease Logistics & Transportation

Eric Opstedahl, Prefab Manager, Helix Electric

11.50 Establishing Lean Workflows & Promoting Sustainability Through Prefabrication

Jessie Stenftenagel, Director of Sustainability, DIRTT

12.30 Reviewing the Business Case for Centralized vs. Regional Operations

Marty Hancharenko, Operations Manager, Mortenson
Chris McLean, Director, Mission Critical Solutions, M C Dean Inc

Navigating Complex Logistics

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11.10 Getting Ahead of Planning & Coordination of Install to Increase Predictability on the Jobsite

Justin Brockenbrough, Fabrication Manager, Harper Limbach

11.50 Crossing Jurisdictions: What Needs to Be Considered & How Can This Be Better Navigated?

Adam Tarr, Chief Product Officer, Critical Process Systems

Michael Anderson, VP Global Projects & Strategic Initiatives, Critical Process Systems

12.30 Taking Prefabrication to the Master Planning Level

Paul Doherty, CEO & President, The Digit Group

Re-Structuring Traditional Systems for Modularization

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11.10 Marriott Case Study: Refining the Modular Program on the AC Nomad New York

Jennifer Abuzeid, Senior Director – Global Design Strategies, Marriott International
David Walsh, Senior Director – Project Management, Marriott International
Carl Hren, SVP Development, Concord Hospitality Enterprises
Danny Forster, President, Danny Forster & Architecture
Jack Dooley, CEO, Skystone Group

12.10 Sikla Modular Steelwork

Jon White, Senior Business Manager, Sikla USA Inc.

12.30 Panel: Creating a Quality Modular Supply Chain

Isaac-Daniel Astrachan, Principal, SBJ Group
Adam Tarr, Chief Product Officer, Critical Process Systems
Peter Murray, President of Manufacturing, Skender
Mark Boyle, SVP Procurement, Turner Construction

Networking Lunch

Taking Your Capabilities to the Next Level

Panel: Prefab & Modular, the Industry Disruptor: How is the Construction Industry Going to Have to Change in the Next 5 Years as Offsite Construction Grows?


  • Discussing the ways in which the traditional supply chain is changing, and exploring different contracts and structures that will change the way stakeholders work together in the future
    Analyzing the impact that disruption is having on existing business models and the different approaches new companies are exploring to expand and specialize: How will you adapt to remain successful in the next 5-10 years?
  • Reviewing current innovations in construction technology, and identifying advanced tools and systems that will
    likely enhance industrialized construction

International Lessons Learned in Volumetric Modular Construction: Japan, Sweden, Poland, UK & USA

  • Ryan Smith Director & Professor, School of Design & Construction, Washington State University
  • Ivan Rupnik Associate Professor of Architecture, Northeastern University


  • Evaluating the traditional construction sector’s perceptions of volumetric commercial modular via the results of a national survey
  • Sharing international case studies of modular companies in Japan, Sweden and the UK to determine how the US might upscale and upskill to meet current construction demand
  • Discussing a roadmap for increasing the competence, capacity and capability of volumetric modular builders in order to achieve greater productivity in the construction sector

Chair’s Closing Remarks Amy Marks, CEO, XSite Modular