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January 28-31, 2019 | Dallas, TX

Day One
Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Day Two
Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Setting-up for Success

Keynote: Building a New Business Case for Prefabrication That Aligns with Changing Paradigms


  • Assessing the entire business case for prefab and modular: What are the deliverables being met for the owner and different members of the project team outside of the traditional cost and schedule savings?
  • Benchmarking successful ways to present intangible deliverables of offsite work to upper management and project partners to more quickly secure buy-in
  • Analyzing how the business case may differ for different owners and contractors in different markets, and how this can be better reflected in up-front conversations and bids to promote prefab and modular

Is Your Company Prefab Ready?: Identifying & Removing Cultural Corporate Roadblocks to Enable Success With Offsite Manufacturing


Taken in two parts, this session will comprise of an introductory presentation from Ms Marks, outlining her five point review process for prefab readiness to understand some of the corporate roadblocks and enablers to success. Where does your company fit?

  • Understand the different levels of prefabrication readiness, what it means to move between levels, and how this can be achieved
  • Identify starting points and possibilities to then develop pathways and strategies for prefabrication across different areas of your business

The conclusion of this presentation will be a panel discussion of various individuals who have gone along this journey, exploring how they optimized their corporate structure and processes to establish the right culture, strategic plans and prefab champions to maintain success of prefab and modular initiatives within their own companies.

Morning Refreshments & Speed Networking

Optimizing Internal Planning for Prefab Improving Collaboration on Projects Disrupting Age-Old Approaches

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10.30 The Field Perspective: Opening Eyes to the Potential for Prefabrication

Anthony Dionne, Virtual Construction & Operations Manager, Tri-M Group LLC
Mathew Dorward, Virtual Construction & Prefabrication Manager, Tri-M Group LLC
John Prego, Electrical Foreman, Tri-M Group LLC

11.10 Increasing Accuracy of Bids & Estimates for Prefabricated Components

Kevin Labrecque, SVP Operational Excellence, Harper Limbach

11.50 Spotlight Case Study: Establishing Manufacturing Workflows to Optimize Assembly

Joe Mierzejewski, Independent Consultant

Improving Collaboration on Projects

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10.30 Drawing Teams & Partners Together Early to Increase Prefabrication Opportunities & Manage Up the Supply Chain

Chris McLean, Director, Mission Critical Solutions, M C Dean Inc

11.10 Enhancing Design Collaboration Between the Office & Field

Shawn Maley, Senior Associate, Stantec
Ryan Broadbin, Project Manager, Dimeo Construction Company
Mike Camp, General Superintendent, Dimeo Construction Company

11.50 Maximizing the Use of BIM Across Stakeholders to Ensure Co-ordination & Ease of Installation

Jim Barrett, VP & Chief Innovation Officer, Turner Construction

Disrupting Age-Old Approaches

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10.30 Spotlight Case Study: Design Manufacture Construct: The Most Extensive Healthcare Multi-Trade Prefab Effort to Date

Marty Corrado, General Superintendent, J E Dunn Construction Company
Chris Giattina, CEO, BLOX

11.10 Effective DMC Solutions: What’s Your Role in Making This Happen?

Roger Krulak, CEO, FullStack Modular

11.50 Audience Discussion: Where Do I Fit in a Changed Paradigm?

Session Facilitator:

Roger Krulak, CEO, FullStack Modular

Lunch Break

Harnessing Advanced Technologies to Streamline Shop Operations

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13.30 Creating Advanced Work Packages to Minimize Downtime Between Projects

Eric Abbott, Area Superintendent, Rosendin Electric

14.10 Automating the Spooling Process from the REVIT Model

David Pikey, VP Corporate Technology, The Hill Group

14.50 Technology Spotlight

Exploring New Possibilities
for Collaboration

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13.30 Panel: Exploring the Potential for Multi-Trade Manufacturers to Become a Single Industry Source

Virginia Calkins, Development Manager, Sares-Regis Group, Google
Troy Galvin, Manager, PCL Agile, PCL Construction
Paul Kirchoff, CRO, Epsilon Industries
Eric Parnell, Owner, ArchBoutant
John Chamberlain, Senior Product Manager, Georgia-Pacific Gypsum

14.10 Advancing Collaboration Beyond MEP Contractors Using the Digital Thread

Jennifer Cipolla, VP Manufacturing, Prescient Co.

14.50 Technology Spotlight

Optimizing Business Structures for Success

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13.30 Modular in the Big Apple: How is NYC Leveraging Modular Construction to Deliver Affordable Housing Faster & More Cost-Effectively?

Jon Cohen, Policy Advisor, NYC Department of Housing & Economic Development

14.10 Spotlight Case Study: Enhancing Results with Vertical Integration

Randy Miller, CEO, RAD Urban

14.50 XSite Case Study: Using Modular Approaches to Take Data Centers the Next Level in a Thriving Age of IoT

Amy Marks, CEO, XSite Modular

Afternoon Refreshments

Maximizing Prefabrication & Modularization Opportunities

Identifying All Opportunities for Prefabrication on Your Project & Selecting the Best for Your Team


  • Thinking outside the box: Encouraging teams to think creatively in the initial conceptual stages to identify prefabrication opportunities and leveraging a systematic approach to lock down prefab and modular scopes on your project
  • Underlining ways to select skilled teams and gain buy-in from other project partners, while ensuring you are always providing value to our clients
  • Adapting facilities and workflows to optimize productivity on your next project, and how this experience can help to identify potential areas for standardization

Spotlight Case Study: Continuous Improvement of the Building Process: Harnessing Team Experiences to Advance Prefabrication on Subsequent Projects


  • Reviewing lessons learned by each stakeholder on previous projects and how this can inform improvements in the future
    Understanding how each stakeholder developed their prefabrication capabilities from one project to the next, and how this accumulated on the final project to assess the unique opportunities here to take prefabrication to the next level
  • What’s next?: What lessons have been learned so far from projects like Mount Carmel, Houston Methodist, UTSW and San Antonio Military Medical Center by each stakeholder, and where do they see the opportunities to improve next time around?

Chair’s Closing Remarks