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Day One
Tuesday, January 31 2017

Day Two
Wednesday, February 1 2017

Forging a Collaborative Process & Designing for Prefab Success

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Multi-Trade Collaboration

Keynote: Hearing How Multi-Trade Prefabrication Delivered Measurable Cost & Schedule Improvements for a Client

  • Bevan Mace VP National Operations & Lean, Balfour Beatty


  • Exploring how the project team was procured and contracted to promote a collaborative culture from day one
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of each team member through the project: how did it differ to a project without prefabrication?
  • Outlining the measurable benefits of multi-trade prefabrication: how much time and money was saved for the client?

Learning Best Practices from International Prefabrication Projects to Cut Schedules, Reduce Costs, Enhance Quality & Make Buildings More Sustainable


  • 57 Storeys in 19 Days: Examining the ability of prefabrication to radically reduce the amount of time needed at the job site
  • Hearing lessons learned from China and how they can be applied to the US market: how do workflows and culture need to change?
  • Understanding how prefabrication can enable an increase in quality and sustainability of construction projects

Speed Networking & Morning Refreshments

Applying Lean Principles & Leveraging the Latest Technology to Drive Efficiency in Prefabrication

  • Sue Klawans SVP, Director of Operational Excellence & Planning, Gilbane Building Company
  • John Myers Senior Manager, Virtual Design & Construction, Gilbane Building Company


  • Spearheading enhanced collaboration across the project team through the use of BIM, laser scanning, and augmented reality: how to encourage all project partners to get on board with the latest tools
  • Ensuring the right data is communicated to decision makers, fabricators and field staff at the right time and in the right way to reduce the need for time-consuming RFIs and changes
  • Exploring the entire value chain in the prefabrication process to uncover how Lean ideas can transform processes, reduce waste and deliver projects even more efficiently now and in the near future

Project-Centricity, Process and “Prove It!” – How to Overcome the Killers of Enabling Prefabrication


  • Determining the roadblocks to success in enabling multi-trade prefabrication
  • Identifying the opportunities available to create transformation change both for your business and the wider construction industry

Networking Lunch

Establishing BIM as the Standard for Collaboration between Trades: How to Get Your Project Partners on Board & Using BIM the Right Way


  • Understanding why some trades may lack BIM capability and what can be done to integrate them into a collaborative project
  • Hearing how inaccurate models or post-fabrication design changes can cause distrust of BIM and how to re-engage those contractors
  • Revealing the best practices in BIM for multi-trade prefabrication: what further efficiencies can teams make?

Optimizing the Relationships between General Contractors, Architects, Engineers & MEP Contractors: What Does Good Collaboration Look Like?


  • Examining how the expected deliverables of each team member are affected by multi trade prefabrication
  • Reviewing the change in information flow required between each member to reduce delays to the schedule
  • Identifying the causes of collaboration breakdown on multi-trade prefabrication projects to avoid similar mistakes in the future

Project Management: How to Efficiently Track the Progress of Prefabrication to Ensure Schedules Are in Sync


  • Mapping out the workflow of MEP contractors from receiving designs to fabrication: what does the optimal schedule look like?
  • Benchmarking the software and methods to assist in keeping schedules in sync on multitrade prefabrication to minimize delays and disruption
  • Identifying aspects of the supply chain that most commonly cause delays to the project schedule and sharing top tips to avoid repeat problems

Afternoon Refreshments

Planning & Design

Constructability: Factoring the Installation Methods of Multi-Trade Prefabricated Assemblies into Design to Maximize Efficiency in the Field

  • Phil Jones Engineering Manager, EllisDon
  • Mark Solomon Senior Manager, Project Management Services Division, EllisDon


  • Outlining how traditional design methods can cause challenges in the field: what is the problem that needs to be solved?
  • Assessing the most efficient way to install multi-trade prefabricated assemblies in a perfect world: what is the end goal we are trying to achieve?
  • How to get there: Hearing what design principles and changes to workflow have been implemented to improve the constructability of designs

Roundtable: Benchmarking Best Practices in Design to Drive Multi-Trade Prefabrication


This interactive session will explore the experiences of each stakeholder in working with projects designs for multi-trade an single-trade prefabrication. The focus will be on developing designs that are optimized to drive efficiency through fabrication and field operations. Each table will discuss prepared questions and then share answers with the rest of the audience, so that insights from across the industry can be compiled.

Chair’s Closing Remarks

End of Day One